Old Portfolio


Originally built in Vanilla + LitElement, this was my first portfolio website. It was later rebuilt with Astro

Design Ideas

The design of the website was inspired by the album art for the track ”Light Mind” by Krosia. I deeply adore the vastness of outer space, and spacewave has been my goto genre to achieve that state of mind. I found Krosia from his song Sunlight, but the album art for Light Mind was what lived in my head rent free.

Light Mind album art


I originally built the website with just Typescript, ThreeJS and html, with Navigo used for routing and lit element for constructing page contents. I later migrated to Astro for the sake of SEO and performance. I additionally used SwupJS to implement seamless page transitions due to the fact that I had a 3d scene used for the background. I am extremely proud of the micro-interactions I implemented, like the gooey effect on the social links, and the contact form error messages. I also used blobity to implement the blob like cursor on desktop views. The website is hosted on Github Pages, and the source code is available on Github.

Fun Facts

  • It took me ages to settle on a design for the website. But once I found the album art for Light Mind, I knew I had to use it.
  • The overall website was built in a single day.
  • I never bothered to update the content of the website, the info was outdated the day I made it publically available.
  • I was able to obtain a free domain under my name, which I used for the website.