A toy programming language built as a part of a submission for SER 502 (Programming Paradigms) at ASU.


The final project of SER502 during my Masters at ASU was to build our own programming language. I had recently found out about BhaiLang, a toy programming language and decided to build a similar language.


The language was implemented using Antlr4 and Python. The language consists of a begin and end block, variables are declared in a similar style as JavaScript but are strongly typed like python. It consists of only two types, float and string. It supports both traditional style of loops for and while, and the for loop also supports the in keyword to iterate over a range of numbers. It supports printing multiple strings and variables with a single keyword. An example code in BroLang looks like this:

  say "Hello World";
  my g a = 3;
  my g b = 0;

  let him cook (b < 5) {
    say b;

    yolo (b == a) pls {
      say "b is equal to a";
    } sus {
      say "b is not equal to a";

    b = b + 1;


Fun Facts

  • I single handedly built the language and the interpreter for it.
  • The language was built in a span of 2 weeks.
  • The lexer for the language was heavily inspired by the C example for Antlr4.